To Attain Success, Outstanding Work Ethic Is Better Than Education

To Attain Success, Outstanding Work Ethic Is Better Than Education
By Judith Hayes
Last updated: November 26, 2015
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To Attain Success, Outstanding Work Ethic Is Better Than Education

We hear a lot of news about student loans and the failure of former students to settle them. Personally, I believe that if you spend a lot of money like sixty or seventy thousand on a degree that will not result in a position that will make you earn more than 100K a year, it will be a waste of effort and money.

In my early years on the job, I have outworked individuals with higher degrees. For me, how you perform in your work is at the same level as what you know about it from education.

I am not here to argue about education because I still consider it as an important aspect to become successful. But personally, a good work ethic is of the same value as education and in some instances maybe even more than the latter.

So what defines a good work ethic? Aside from simply working hard, it also involves different factors. Because as you know, everyone thinks he/she works hard but are actually missing some key points to it.

1. They consistently perform in their job

Having a good work ethic means you are passionate about your job. Whether it’s cooking, driving, teaching or assembling products, these people do their best to finish the job. If free time is available, it is usually spent thinking of ways to become more productive or fixing one's work area. Some co-workers may not appreciate it but that person will definitely be in the running to be successful in the future.

2. They are truthful and dependable

Being reliable can involve a lot of things: It includes being on time for work and appointments. It means focusing on your work and leaving personal issues at home. It can also mean admitting your misgivings. Being dependable also includes keeping your word. Being truthful means not taking stuff from your company or colleagues without their consent or approval.

3. They keep their word and works hard to reach their goal.

People who stick to their word and performs their best to meet their target have the potential to become successful. Although for some it may take time, they will eventually get there.

Although the economy is still struggling, one should still focus on being a competent and reliable worker. Developing your personality and having a good work ethic is essential to be financially stable in the future.